Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Sex Addiction is Cunning, Baffling, and Powerful

Sex Addiction, Cunning Baffling and Powerful
It is easy to forget how cunning, baffling, and powerful our addiction to sex and love is.  It lurks in the shadows waiting to take away everything that is of values.

Some have lost marriages.  Some have lost jobs.  Some have lost roles and standing in church.  Some have even lost their lives.

But we believe that there is a power greater than ourselves.  For some of us, the growl of our addiction is often heard.  But as we work our program, the beast is defanged and can do no harm.

Friday, April 7, 2017

Meetings in Boone, NC

Meetings in Boone, NC
The meetings have been our source of life, coming out of the shadows of isolation.  Some of us resisted but we eventually learned that there was nothing to be afraid of.

We heard other people's stories and we realized that we weren't freaks of nature.  Rather, we struggled with a disease that was much more powerful that we were.

But we didn't find the meetings to be a place to whine in defeat.   There was no shame.

People were living the solution.  People whose lives were once out of control now had some measure of serenity and sobriety.  All were welcome no matter where they have been or how far down the scale they feel they have fallen.

There was laughter, camaraderie, and hope.  Those who wandered through the doors awash with the pain, regret, and confusion of habitual acting out began to find success.  Over time, they realized they were worthwhile human beings and had something to give to others.

There are no fees or dues.  SLAA meets 6-7 on Monday night in Downtown Boone, NC.  E-mail or call for directions.

Monday, March 27, 2017

Why Sex Addicts Isolate

Sex Addiction Boone, NCWe sex addicts tend to isolate because there is a cunning determination that we can lick this thing alone.  If only we try a bit harder, use more self-discipline, or try to solve all our distresses in life, we won't find ourselves back in that spot once again.
It isn't that we sex addicts can't quit.  We just can't stay quit.

There is something further than simple the pride of wanting to do it ourselves.  There is also shame and fear.  Who do we trust to talk about this stuff?  Who would understand.  Won't it risk that people will see us as the fraud we really are?

This is why a meeting of sex addicts such as SLAA in Boone, NC is so important.  We've all been there in the shadows.  There is no shame or judgment here.  We were once in isolation, too.  We have deep gratitude that the pain of our addiction finally drove us to the light.

Saturday, February 25, 2017

Sexual Addiction Fourth Step

Sex Addiction Recovery in Boone, NC
Doing a Fourth Step as a sex addict took courage because we were gradually giving up our old rationalizations, dishonesty, and self-pity, in order to discover the truth about who we are.  In the process, most of us found ourselves peeling away layers of denial.  Our distorted view of ourselves led us to avoid responsibility for our actions.  Our denial about our addictive behaviors prevented us from seeing our faults.

At the same time, our belief  that we were horrible people kept us from believing we could ever change, or be deserving of a better life.  In taking the Fourth Step, we became willing to challenge these old ways of thinking and examine ourselves with a new clarity.

Based on SAA Text.

Sunday, February 19, 2017

Boone Sex and Love Addicts - A Path To Recovery

Recovery from Sex Addiction Boone
It may seem as it did for many of us that no matter what we tried to deal with our compulsive sexual behavior, time would pass and we would find ourselves back in the same spot.  We would find ourselves at massage parlors, peep shows, web sites, hook up spots, and affairs as if we never left.

Why do we keep returning to the place that takes so much from us?

It was when we got put on the path of recovery.

Members of the fellowship who had the same struggles talked about how through working the steps they began to see changes in their lives.  Some of us got on this same path and discovered that for us as well sexual sobriety is possible.

Sunday, February 12, 2017

The First Big Step

The First Big StepSo where do you start if you think you struggle with sexual addiction?  Some of us tried everything before we finally made the first step.  We tried to manage our impulses on our own.  We told our selves we can lick this.  We made excuses as to why the meetings were too inconvenient or why we didn't feel like going.

Finally, we made that longest walk across the parking lot.  We went to an SLAA meeting here in Boone, NC.  To our surprise, we were met by people just like us.  We were encouraged to hear their stories and were surprised to identify with common elements that matched our own.  We saw that people were not beaten down with shame but actually had learned how to move beyond their disease into service.

Going to a meeting was the first important step.  And we are thankful we did before things got worse.

Saturday, February 4, 2017

A Spiritual Program

A Spiritual ProgramFor some of us, the idea of a spiritual program of recovery is difficult.

For some, we had little interest in God and had no regard for religion.

For others, we carried resentment towards our churches or were completely baffled when we realized that our religious beliefs and practices would not deliver us from our sexual addiction.

This program helped us to start over with a clean slate.  We came not as an authority on spiritual matters but as those powerless over our sex and love addiction.  From that vantage point, some of us found new spiritual paths.  Others rediscovered our own faith tradition and received it back with greater depth and richness.

In all cases, we realized what it means that we are not God and that there is something greater than ourselves to be thankful to.